CEO Adleads Ltd

Ryan Mennell


Do we have the skills?

After completing my Computer Science degree at Hull University I worked for a multi national company that supplied meat products to all the main supermarkets. During my time here I gained valuable insights of how large successful companies operate. It became clear that improving efficiencies and reducing time in their business was their number one priority in everything they do. I also learned first hand how software can have a massive impact in improving the overall running of the business.

Can we help your business?

I wanted to bring the knowledge I had learnt and develop a software solution for all types of businesses, that would have a real impact. My family have been in businesses for the past 15 years, and I have been able to gain valuable insights into what business owners really need.

Can we deliver on our promises?

We have a team of developers that work on both MyBusinessTracker and MyEdi for our customers. Our system runs in a secure cloud and currently used 24/7 and 365 days per year. Our team have the same passion for our business software as me and you can be assured that we are looking to build lasting relationships with all our customers so your approval is key!

What We Do

We are a software company based in Hull that designs, develops and integrates software applications for businesses throughout the UK. Our software MyBusinessTracker and MyEdi is currently being used in a number of countries around the world by a wide variety of Companies, so you can be sure we can deliver what we promise.

We believe that all Businesses have the same goal of increasing efficiencies and producing more time in their business, but may not be aware of how software can help with this?

Identifying our clients requirements from the key design phase through to the finished software application, that add real benefits and cost savings to our clients is our key goal.

That is our purpose!