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Why Not Visit Us?

We are situated in the C4DI Building just near the centre of Hull,  close to the old town. There is a bistro cafe just near us that sells all types of food and is well recommended.

We are ideally situated near the main motorway links and with ample parking for visitors.

Best times for visiting are always between 10:00am and 2pm Mon - Fri


Firstly we believe that our customers will always be given the best technical advice possible, so by calling us as we believe in offering the best solution. Even if that sometimes means we have to be straight with our customers whether your an existing or a new customer. 


Secondly we believe that paying monthly costs for a service should always be kept to a minimum, that's why we offer solutions that always fit our cost criteria. By doing this you will be amazed at how much we can offer to our customers without losing any of the services they expect and need.


Finally we like to do business with companies that share our core values in that we are in the business of succeeding together, this is not a one sided philosophy as we firmly believe that our products will save you money but you will have to work with us for us both to achieve success.