Cost Effective EDI Invoicing?

Main Features

We know how complicated Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) can be so we  have developed a bespoke software system to integrate with your customers EDIFACT or ASCII system. MyEdi has been integrated into MyBusinessTracker  to offer a cost effective solution for quickly sending EDI Invoices to your Customers SFTP or VAN network.

EDI Invoice

Create EDI Invoices in EDIFACT or ASCII to send to your customers.


Monitor and track all EDI Invoices sent from within MyBusinessTracker.

Invoice Tracking

Track all your EDI Invoices easily from start to completed payment.

  • Integrating EDI can be a real challenge for nearly all small or large companies, and getting the required results to change to EDI Invoicing is not always in your control. This is where MyEdi comes in and our ability to deliver an EDI experience that suits the whole supply chain and not just the large organisations.
  • In the past companies that adopted EDI unfortunately cannot receive all the benefits, because the majority of suppliers involved in the supply chain don't have the resources to implement. Even free systems are not free as high costs from suppliers make the ROI a hard sell.
  • That is why EDI is nearly always left with the 80 / 20 rule, with 80% of Order volume being done by 20% of suppliers, which leaves 80% of suppliers sending invoices in the normal way.

Our team of developers have worked on many EDI projects (EDIFACT or ASCII, X12 formats) and realised that you need to offer a solution for every supplier in the supply chain or your EDI project will not realise its full potential, and that is what we have brought to market. Now its not just for the customer and 20% of your supplier chain its now for the whole 100%.

Whatever EDI standard you have been asked to use we can handle, we take the mystery out of the process unlike some EDI providers who want to make it sound like magic and charge accordingly.