Software Developers for Business

MyBusinessTracker is a powerful business  (SaaS) application developed to saves time, improves efficiencies and organises your daily workflow.

When your customers need you to send Invoices to them via Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) using EDIFACT or ASCII, MyEdi has a cost effective solution.

Why saving time matters?

"The old saying if its not broke don't fix it, may apply in some circumstances but it has no place when running a business"
  • Don't kill your business by saying we have always used that software!
  • Successful businesses realised early on, that inefficient systems and software will destroy even the strongest business!
  • Only software applications that connect your Accounts, Sales and Production systems will reduce and increase efficiencies inside your business!

Why Choose Us?

Our aim is always to exceed your expectations!
  • We gather information about your business, your current software and its systems.
  • Our method of designing and then showing you what your software application looks like before you buy works for you the customer, but also for us.
  • This helps you to decide to buy before we ever write any code or software, and only when you are happy to proceed will we start building your application.